How to Kickstart Your Own SMM Panel Business with

How to Kickstart Your Own SMM Panel Business with

Turning your aspiration of launching a social media marketing company into reality is entirely feasible. Through our innovative child panel, empowers you to establish your very own social media marketing enterprise. The cost of acquiring a child panel is now a mere $25 per month, offering you the opportunity to effortlessly sell services directly from your website. But what exactly is the purpose of a child panel?

Selling services to clients manually can be a daunting task. By utilizing your own SMM panel, similar to ours, you can streamline this process and save valuable time. Beyond this, it grants you an online identity, enabling clients to reach out to you via your website at any time and conveniently purchase services. Furthermore, a child panel ensures you can receive orders around the clock, even while you’re asleep, thereby creating a potential income stream even during your downtime.

Defining the Child Panel:

A child panel, comparable to a webpage like, encompasses similar features as our primary panel, excluding affiliate and average time options. The linkage is established through the API, creating a panel that is interconnected with the main panel. Priced similarly to your primary wholesale SMM panel, the child panel also offers discounted rates for bulk orders, enabling you to effectively resell’s SMM services to your clientele.

Key Features of the Child Panel:

  1. Complete access to all
  2. Discounts on substantial orders, enhancing affordability.
  3. Comprehensive control over services, including addition, editing, removal, activation, and deactivation.
  4. Versatility in accepting various payment methods.
  5. Direct collection of client payments.
  6. Operational payment gateway for seamless transactions.
  7. Capability to resell’s budget-friendly SMM panel services to your customers.

Affordability and Pricing:

The child panel is now attainable at a monthly rate of just $15. As a rental panel, this fee is paid on a monthly basis for as long as you utilize it. While a demo of the child panel is currently unavailable due to maintenance, will provide a comprehensive demonstration once the maintenance is completed.

Unleash Your Earning Potential and Business Strategy:

Earning from the child panel is straightforward and lucrative. Purchase a service for $1 from our website, and then resell it on your panel for $1.50 or any price you determine. This uncomplicated approach allows you to generate a profit of $0.50 from each order, fostering business growth.

Getting Started with Your Child Panel:

  1. Obtain a domain, either by utilizing an existing domain or acquiring one from a reputable domain supplier.
  2. Direct your domain’s DNS to’s DNS servers ( and
  3. Ensure sufficient funds in your account to order the child panel.
  4. Access the child panels page on your dashboard, input the necessary details, and place your order.
  5. Sit back and relax as our team installs your panel within 0 to 6 hours.

Advantages of the Child Panel:

  1. Enjoy unlimited monthly orders at a budget-friendly rent of $15 per month.
  2. Easily import services from in bulk.
  3. Streamline ordering through automated and manual options.
  4. Enable or disable any service at your convenience.
  5. Flexibility to adjust service prices according to your business strategy.

In conclusion,’s child panel provides you with the tools and guidance needed to embark on your SMM panel business journey. This cost-effective solution empowers you to tap into the thriving realm of social media marketing, foster seamless client connections, and generate revenue even while you rest. With user-friendly features and comprehensive functionalities, the child panel serves as your gateway to entrepreneurial success in the dynamic world of social media marketing. Start your journey today and unlock a realm of growth and opportunity with’s child panel.

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