Fastwin | Fiewin Colour Prediction website script Download


The Fastwin | Fiewin Colour Prediction website script serves as the backbone for prominent companies like Fiewin and Fastwin. Specifically designed for color prediction and betting, this script is meticulously crafted using the latest JavaScript language. Featuring a repertoire of five thrilling games – Fast Parity, Parity, Ander Bahir Dice, and Colour Circle Game – it provides a robust foundation for those aspiring to launch their own color prediction website or betting site.

Unveiling the Script’s Features

1. Game Diversity

The script boasts a diverse range of games, each offering a unique gaming experience:

    • This stands out as the most popular game in Fiewin or Fastwin. Users find it enticing due to its simplicity – a mere color selection determines victory or defeat.
    • A game similar to FAST PARITY, with a slight twist in timing. Users must place bets within one minute, making it a time-saving alternative for enthusiasts.
    • The third game in the script, it revolves around a dice theme. Players strategically pick points to secure a win, adding an element of skill to the gaming experience.
    • The second most popular game, offering three options – ANDAR, BAHAR, and Tie. Successful bets on the correct option lead to a win, while incorrect choices result in a loss of funds.
    • A newer addition to the script, the Color Circle Game introduces a fresh challenge. While it’s available, its popularity among users is still on the rise.

2. Script Differentiation

While both Fastwin and Fiewin utilize the same script, subtle differences exist. Companies have the flexibility to modify the code and design as needed, without prior notice. The games, including admin panels, remain consistent between Fastwin and Fiewin.

Technical Details

  • Script Name: Fiewin/Fastwin
  • Version: Latest
  • Available Games: 4 Plus

Download and Installation

Can I download the Fastwin script for free?

Absolutely! The script is available for free download, providing accessibility to enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Can I make my own Professional color prediction gaming website with this script?

Certainly! The script empowers users to create a professional color prediction gaming website, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience.

Script Reliability

The script is diligently designed, and as of now, there are no reported bugs. Users can confidently engage in gaming activities without concerns about script malfunctions.

Addressing Common Queries

Is Fiewin the same as Fastwin?

Yes, without a doubt. Fiewin and Fastwin are essentially identical, providing users with a consistent gaming experience.


In conclusion, the Fastwin | Fiewin Colour Prediction Website Script presents a dynamic and versatile platform for individuals keen on entering the realm of color prediction and betting. With an array of engaging games and a script designed for seamless functionality, users have the tools needed to explore the potential of establishing their own successful gaming website.

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