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Download Bicrypto – Crypto Trading Platform, Exchanges, KYC, Charting Library, Wallets, Binary Trading, News + 14 Add-ons

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New Trading Design New Live Frontend

  • Complete rework to Nuxt 3 frontend with Nodejs / Express Js backend
  • Magnificent improvement in performance by around 3000% in must functionality where they only cost 2-4ms
  • New top-notch security measures to the maximum level
  • New user dashboard
  • The new banking system with fiat currencies support
  • Integrated depth chart within the order book
  • Integrated cors within the system without the need to launch cors on services
  • Huge upgrade for performance, stability, and features of charting library
  • Added new WebSocket Management Central as the system itself will launch web sockets in the backend to handle all trading connections for maximum speed where the trading page will load all data and connect within 4-15ms instead of 3000-7000ms as it was in V2
  • New onboarding page for email verification
  • New SMTP/Sendgrid mail system
  • New roles and permissions management
  • New Users profile
  • New Completely responsive tables for all devices
  • New user profile/security/2nd-factor authentication pages
  • New method to prevent page loading while data used
  • New live chat system with web socket in the backend
  • New abilities to control Websockets ports
  • Removed the need for pusher API as all WebSockets now will be made in express js in the backend
  • Completely new UI/UX focused on reusability and performance and nice looking
  • New control of all system colors and schemes
  • New database ORM
  • Supported Twilio 2nd Factor Authentication
  • New ability to pick or change the 2nd-factor authentication method
  • New completely new and nice-looking deposit page
  • Added new blogging system
  • Added new page for authors
  • Added a new page to apply to become an author
  • Added page to create/edit posts for authors
  • Added categories page and category posts page
  • Added tags page and tag posts page
  • Add new page for posts
  • Added live validator of the post title, description, and content
  • Added live blacklist words prevention model for post title, description, and content
  • Added new ability to generate articles using ChatGPT with best SEO practice of at least 500 words after writing a title for the post
  • Add new settings page to control general settings, logos for dark/light mode, binary trading
  • Add a new page for transaction details for all transaction types
  • Add support to custom deposit/withdraw methods
  • Add news page with market analysis for user dashboard with web workers
  • Add new validation method for licenses to prevent invalidation of licenses of backups with a method to prevent re-verification if the license is valid
  • Add new live optimization for images and heavily optimized all images to the max limit where images optimized to more than 99.63% of the original size (2.4M optimized to 1.1kb)
  • Updated charting library to v24
  • Added new position tracker in charting
  • Added new profit calculator within the charting
  • Added new grid system in trading page with a huge list of different designs
  • Added new depth chart without usage of js charting library for performance by using same dom elements of regular orderbook
  • Updated feed and cost calculation logic to provide admin with more control over profit
  • Added new methods to watch over admin profit when using the provider to know how much is safe to withdraw as profit without affecting the automated liquidity system
  • Added new binary trading system with fully modular design
  • Added new ordering methods where all control and details of the orders are within the main chart
  • Added new backend processing of binary orders for maximum security of orders processing
  • Added new orders processing methods to handle all pending orders with an exact timestamp of the order in case of server crash
  • Support of trading wallet in binary trading
  • Heavily improved binary trading system without any possible case of result miscalculations
  • Added new expiration dates generator to prevent orders with short positions that might abuse the binary system
  • Added new profit calculator to always keep the user informed of his profit or losses in realtime
  • Added ability to set trending of hot markets
  • Add binary and trade orders management to admin dashboard
  • Add new dashboard for investments for users to watch their active investment progress and end date profit
  • Add new page to start new investment
  • Add new built-in cron to close-ended investments and give profit to users
  • Add new transactions for binary orders, investments, and investment ROI for users to know exactly where every usage of any wallet he has
  • Added support to all fiat currencies with their symbols for good price formatting
  • +100 other update notes…..

New Binary Trading System: Screenshot-2023-08-23-195748

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Download Bicrypto – Crypto Trading Platform, Exchanges, KYC, Charting Library, Wallets, Binary Trading, News + 14 Add-ons
Download Bicrypto – Crypto Trading Platform, Exchanges, KYC, Charting Library, Wallets, Binary Trading, News + 14 Add-ons


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