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Aviator Game Source Code Download

Frontend: http://bestsmm.in.net/

Backend: http://bestsmm.in.net/admin
Admin: Username: [email protected] | Password: Badrul@123


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Aviator Casino Game is an original slot game developed by Spribe Gaming and released in February 2019. Many worldwide casino players have already played this game and won real money especially at 7Cric. The Martingale System is a strategy that uses a mathematical formula to increase the chances of winning in Aviator.

This casino-style game features an airplane with increasing odds, powered by a random number generator, and currently faces increasing popularity in worldwide in the crash game category. The excitement lies in the unpredictable crash of the plane, with odds ranging from 1x to 1,000,000x. Players decide when to stop the flight and collect profits, adding to the game’s suspense. The Aviator game is popular for both entertainment and real money earning.

So taking the aviator from Spribe company is very costly. they provide you monthly rental basis and it API based.
That’s why we developed the Aviator clone casino game. and it is purely source code-based. no need to depend on Spribe company. it’s completely free to API.


This Game has some awesome Features. We are giving those below:

  1. Unique payout structure: this performance has a unique payout structure that increases as the airplane gains altitude. Participants of Aviator can choose to cash out at any point during the flight, but the longer they wait, the higher the potential payout. This adds an element of strategy to the game and allows players to balance risk and reward;
  2. Automated cash-out feature: the game also has an automated cash-out feature, which allows participants to set a specific point in the flight where they want to cash out automatically. This minimizes their risk and ensures that they don’t miss out on a potential payout;
  3. Random number generator: The outcome of this game is determined by a random number generator, ensuring that the playing is fair and unbiased; Engaging gameplay: the play features engaging gameplay that is easy to understand but challenging to master. Players of Aviator must balance risk and reward and make strategic decisions about when to cash out;
  4. High potential payouts: One of the appeals of this game is the potential for high payouts. Participants who are willing to take on more risk can potentially win big if they wait for the airplane to gain altitude before cashing out.


The following modules must be activated on your server:

  1. PHP version: 8.1 or higher
  2. Composer for depending on management
  3. Cpanel
  4. Xampp


In order to install the Aviator, please follow these steps:

  1. Unzip the file you download.
  2. upload the extract file into cpanel.
  3. Get the Folder namely Laravel.
  4. Within Laravel you will get a .env file to connect the Database.
  5. You can use our Aviator in the root domain or subdomain.
  6. Create a Mysql database using Cpanel or your hosting provider’s system. Then import the Aviator.sql file (that you got into the script’s database folder) into your created database.
  7. Go to the Laravel folder, then the .env file
  8. Open up this file with any text editor (for example: notepad++).
  9. put your website link and data details.
  10. That’s it, your aviator is live now.

Admin Panel Login

Visit the following address to access the admin panel and log in.


Here “yourwebsite” is your main domain name. Just after your main url, you have to put “admin” and that’s it.

Default Admin Login Credentials are:

Email: [email protected]
Password: 1234

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Aviator Game Source Code Download
Aviator Game Source Code Download


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